Gina Ferrera is a visionary with a passion for music from around the world, most especially traditional rhythms.  Her music performances and teaching projects are influenced by leading edge electronic percussion (KAT) technology and their combined expression with traditional acoustic instruments, the healing power of sound and a celebration of culture. Gina is a seasoned drummer & percussionist, music educator, therapeutic teaching artist, ethnomusicologist, bodyworker and sound designer/producer. Her explosive poly-rhythmic performances feature a hybrid of live percussion and electronic drums, ranging from different styles of global mostly African influenced music to experimental avant and emerging multi-media. She seamlessly fuses beats and rhythms, both intimate and driving, with live production, looping, sampling and vocal effects.  Gina's work embraces our "interconnectedness", has its roots in ancient music and culture, and an intention for healing into the creative expansive future.  

Gina Ferrera is a visionary with a passion for folkloric drum and dance music and its expression in electronic music.  Gina is a DJ/live producer, a seasoned drummer & percussionist, an educator, a specialist in African music and a budding producer both in the studio and as a live performer.  Gina’s foundation is rooted in traditional West African polyrhythm via the gyil, an ancient balaphone/xylophone from Ghana (pronounced JEEL). Gina is currently based in southern california originating, an Italian American from the New York/New Jersey, performing in the Philadelphia area for over 8 years in a variety of music projects.  Accustomed to juggling different styles of electronic, African, Afro-Cuban/ folkloric drum & dance music, her craft is production, utilizing the trapKAT (a midi drum), malletKAT- (a MIDI 4-octave marimba), live percussion, ableton, and her voice. Gina has built a collection of percussion and samples to produce the music live or in the studio.  She has produced and recorded 6 of her own albums including the latest, "Laws of Nature"  and the prior release "The Philadelphia Gyil Fusion Project" album- (with Ropeadope).  She produces, records and performs solo either as Gina Ferrera or as Foxy la Tigre as well as collaborating with other artists.  Gina has performed with Drum Cafe West, Tom Greisgraber, Polysonic, Leana Song, Hennessey BonfireAlokli (W.African Drum Ensemble), Dunya Performing Arts, The Voices of Africa and Kokolo Afrobeat.  Her experience has led to numerous collaborations with The Philadelphia ExperimentKing BrittSubsector/Press Play, Alo BrasilVenissa Santi, Archedream for HumankindWorld TownBaby Loves Disco, NYC Silent Disco.  With her experience, she produced, composed, licensed and scored custom music to soundtrack live theater and dance performances, scoring for videos and created music for a Baby Loves Disco's iphone app/Disco Boogie game.  

Gina Ferrera began studying rudimentary drumming at the age of ten.  While pursuing a degree in video/audio production, she was introduced to ancient African music. Gina has made two independent research trips to Ghana to study Gyil (xylophone) with Kakraba Lobi, Bernard Woma, and Valerie Naranjo.  Gina is an American delving into the music of far removed cultures. In addition to researching and performing gyil music, Ferrera studies ancient Cuban, Nigerian, Ghanaian and Zimbabwean music, playing Batá drums, shekere, congas, Shona mbira (thumb piano) and traditional Ewe drums.  Gina has received awards and grants that celebrate her work in the community, sharing her wealth of experience.  Gina has taught multi-cultural music and drum programs as a resident and teaching artists at schools throughout the Philadelphia and New York City area since 2001 (ex. Build-a-Bridge, Appel Farms, Swarthmore College & Rutgers University- Cultural Arts Programming) with her music education program, "World Music Magic". 

Gina has an extensive background in rhythmic comprehension, with a focus on African musical aesthetics. Gina also has a thirst for emerging arts and technology. Since 2010 she has been sponsored to play Alternate Mode 's MIDI malletKAT and other electronic percussion including the new trapKAT which allows for gesture and expressive performance using ableton Live. Gina's explosive polyrhythmic performances showcase a hybrid of live percussion and electronic MIDI instruments. She seamlessly fuses ancient tribal rhythms (sometimes intimate, sometimes driving), live electronic production, looping, sampling, percussion and vocal effects. Her sound is truly unique- talent, musicality, presence and a striking live energy. 

Ferrera has also recorded and toured internationally (U.K., Europe, U.S., Scandinavia & Canada) with a variety of projects, (as DJ/MC/dancer/education consultant) with Baby Love's Disco (We are Family Tour-H&M sponsored), playing drum-set, percussion and singing with Leana Song- Afro-Cuban percussion ensemble (bata drums/percussion 2006-present), The Voices of Africa (percussion/vocals 2008),  Kokolo -Afro-beat/Latin/Jazz/Funk (drumset 2002-2005) and "The Aristocrats"- Hawaiian Folk Project (drums, 2007).