Gina Ferrera has a striking energy when she plays and her groove is killer!” (N. Atakli, West Philly Orchestra)

“Gina Ferrera is one of those artists that comes along every once in awhile that combines genres so well it stuns listeners. Gina brings a lifetime of education and knowledge about traditional gyil music mixed with the current state of music (electronic resources/ popular culture know-how/ and wonderful taste in influences).”  (L. Marks, RopeaDope)

“Gina's voice is spectacular and to regard her as anything BUT revolutionary would be a mistake. In a time period where world music is often seen as too intelligent, or not able to ever become the music accepted by mainstream fans, Gina bridges that gap by fusing the two opposite worlds. Take note of Gina Ferrera, because when she is remembered as one of the first people to bring world music to masses you'll want to say you were there when she began.”  (A. Hurwitz, Baby Loves Everything)

 “…Simply amazing! Really surprised at the depth and expansiveness Gina creates live… carefully staying away from the "world-y" sounds that cheese it up!   (DJ Purple Stuff, Land of the Look Behind)

“Gina Ferrera’s album “The Philadelphia Gyil Fusion Project” is a stimulating experience that crosses the spiritual with the sensual and the pure essence of sound. It’s at once a highly intimate statement yet one that crashes through boundaries and speaks to everyone whose path it crosses”.  (Jeff Tamarkin, former editor of JazzTimes and Global Rhythm)

"Gina Ferrera is part of the underground renaissance that is taking hold in Philadelphia. An ever widening cast of musicians and pioneers dedicated to music for it’s own sake. Ropeadope is proud to be a part of this movement, and especially to lead with this groundbreaking record". (Rope a Dope Digital)

 “You rocked it Saturday Night at Camp Bisco. I mean like Wow!”  (MadDog/ Rabble Rouzer)

Gina Ferrera’s ambient mixes are really well crafted and versatile” (Kev, Purple Stuff)

"Gina, a beautiful treasure. An expression of pure love. An expression of art and transformational spiritual goddess. Her sounding echoed far beyond the midnight sky. Her eyes ray glittering sparkles of illuminated ray of light descending deep within an eclipse. Far beyond our heavenly imagination". (Christopher Thompson, photographer)

“Gina has a way of communicating positive joy among any audience with her infectious energy”.    (R. Lugo, Kokolo Afrobeat)

“Loved your shows at PEX and around Philly. Great Presence and Talent!!” (D. Nemer)

"Gina's live vocals with middle eastern percussion and horns playing drones, sometimes repeated phrases, all complemented the xylophone. A quasi tribal, quasi jazz sound, where the musicians take solos, overlaying afro beats making for a compelling new music. In a small bar with everyone sitting, the repeating rhythms created some trance-inducing stuff. In a big room with lots of space, the same sounds might have triggered a dance frenzy" (Rich Chapell, Pop Thought- Live Review)